Voices of the Jewish Resistance

Voices From The Forest

Voices From The Forest

ABRAM and JULIA BOBROW escape the Nazi onslaught in the early days of World War II and take refuge in the vast forests of eastern Poland.

Imagine living outside during the Polish winter, always hungry, cold and wet—your only shelter a bunker dug out of the frozen earth that will have to be abandoned if SS death squads get too close. Abram, Julia and others live through three years, three winters in these unimaginable conditions. But mere survival is not enough. They begin to fight back against the German war machine. In small groups, with almost no weapons, they do whatever they can to sabotage, ambush, and kill their enemies. They become partisan fighters.

Their riveting stories are a unique and little known piece of World War II history. As chronicled by Stephen Edward Paper, Voices From The Forest: The True Story of Abram and Julia Bobrow is the story of small triumphs, both of battle and survival, which create a definitive portrait of the indomitability of the human spirit.

The forest now becomes home to Jewish partisans, not Jewish victims.


The courageous stories in Voices From The Forest are told by Abram and Julia to their two sons, Jerry, 10 and Bill, 12. Over the course of seven days, the two boys learn what it was like to live through one of the darkest periods of human history, but also how people can triumph over devastating circumstances and unbelievable odds.