Highgate – The Last Knight of St. John

Highgate - The Last Knight of St. John


The year is 1939. Soldiers and best friends Lieutenant Michael Hinton-Smith and Sergeant Jack Cawkins stumble upon an underground burial chamber while on a reconnaissance mission in France. Suddenly, Hinton-Smith’s mind is overwhelmed with rage and he tries to murder his friend. Cawkins overpowers the young lieutenant and drags him from the grounds. Recovering his senses, Hinton-Smith vows to redeem himself while Cawkins wants nothing to do with him. Before either man can make sense of what happened or Cawkins can transfer from their unit, the Germans invade and the two men are forced to stay together on the advance to the front. When the Allied lines collapse, the German onslaught sweeps their retreating squad back to the same ancient cemetery. Now Hinton-Smith and Cawkins find themselves caught between the horror of war and the terror of the supernatural.

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