An Army Lost

An Army Lost by Stephen Edward Paper

An Army Lost

With the end of the Revolutionary War the far west beckons to many. Among the homesteaders, farmers, adventurers and former soldiers looking for a new life is Landis James, a veteran estranged from his Philadelphia merchant father, who settles in the Kentucky borderlands.

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Soon many of the newcomers are encroaching on lands ceded to the Native Americans by treaty. To the Miami, Shawnee and other native peoples this is an outright invasion.

In 1791 the British still occupy Forts Detroit, Michilimackinac and Niagara in violation of the Treaty of Paris and see an opportunity to either reclaim the colonies or at the very least, establish a buffer state to protect Canada. Encouraged and armed by the British, the tribes unite to defend their homeland.

In 1790, President George Washington sends an army into the wilderness north of the Ohio River to end the “troubles.” The soldiers are routed by a coalition of tribes led by the Miami War Chief, Little Turtle. In 1791, he sends a new army. Landis James, now a captain, heads north with many of his fellow Kentuckians to settle the score.

An Army Lost is a fictional account based on this little known campaign and the first in the Fallen Timbers Series following the James family into the wilderness and across the seas during the early days of the American Republic.